About Por Los Ninos & Los Ninos, Inc.

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Tonight I was writing a much overdue update for the About Us page on our Por Los Ninos website, updating numbers and correcting embarrassing typos.( We are all volunteers, after all.)

I thought I would share it with those of you who are unfamiliar with our 18 year history and our commitment to education in Zihuatanejo. And, now our efforts to help feed devastated families during these difficult times. The updated text follows should you be interested in reading it.

Por Los Niños is a Mexican-registered non-profit charity founded in 2005 to administer the funds raised by the annual Zihua Sailfest benefit festival. All funding decisions are made by a volunteer advisory committee consisting of 12
bilingual educators, international residents and members of the Zihuatanejo business community.

We work in partnership with local government agencies, generous individual donors, Rotary Clubs, international charities, and the local communities to provide educational opportunities to Zihuatanejo’s least advantaged children.

This very successful collaboration has built 131 classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and playgounds, including 14 new schools and expansions and/or repairs to 33 existing schools. We have awarded nearly one thousand academic and English language scholarships, and provide more than 30,000 school meals a year to children who would otherwise go hungry.

Los Niños, Inc., our sister charity, is a U.S. 501(c)(3) public benefit charity founded in Portland, Oregon in 2004. Our initial mission was to help raise funds to build a new primary school in collaboration with the Zihuatanejo city government and International Rotary Clubs. The school now serves more than 350 bright-eyed young scholars.

A year later, we co-founded, with the Bellack family financing donation, Por Los Niños de Zihuatanejo as a Mexican non-profit association to make the Zihua Sailfest, our most successful fund-raiser, a legal Mexican event, and to ensure that we complied with all Mexican financial reporting requirements and regulations.

Los Ninos, Inc. solicits funds for Por Los Niños’ construction projects, the nutrition program and much-needed scholarships. We offer U.S. tax receipts to U.S. donors. Los Niños, Inc.is also an all-volunteer organization with expenses below 1% of annual revenue.

Two Board of director members from each charity serve as Board directors on both charities, including Carol and I.

What else might you like to know?