DiZIHplina y Esperanza

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, August 29, 2020, 21:16 (57 days ago)


As of today Zihuatanejo has had a cumulative total of 1,069 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 78 that resulted in fatalities, 14 that are currently active, and 908 that have recovered. The downward trend is holding, and the local hospital workers are thankful. It doesn't mean the threat is gone, only that most people are taking proper precautions. I thank all my neighbors and fellow citizens for their cooperation.

After a lovely sunny day yesterday, clouds returned today, but it's only drizzled a little late this afternoon. It would be nice if we had a few sunny days to dry out.

Taking advantage of the local restaurants in our neighborhood that deliver to our home, we have been spoiled rotten. Again, BIG THANK YOU to La Porteña for the delicious filets of fresh dorado we enjoyed today with all the trimmings.

You can always tell what route a visiting VIP or político like the Gober Precioso is going to take by the amount of work done to clean up the route. The street from Plaza Kioto to the museum got washed and the entire route got a working over by the workers of Servicios Públicos, the hardest municipal workers who put in the most honest work in our entire municipal government, IMHO.