Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by HansMpls, Minneapolis, Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 15:24 (56 days ago)

The Smallprint: All items below were done in accordance with Covid safety measures.

Jan 31 – MSP to ZIH
10:30am Sun Country direct nonstop departure with wind at our backs made for a total airtime of about 3 ½ hours. Load up on pesos at the airport ATM , started doing this a few years ago. Taxi Ride up to Troncones and the Inn at Manzanillo. Greetings and welcome back from Abel and he checks into Cabana #2. Our friends Dick and Susan are staying next door at the Residencias and have left us a small welcome cooler with some ice cold Modelo for us. Introductions are made to Mauricio, Carla, and baby Juaquin and we dine that evening under the seaside pergola at the Inn. Fresh huachinango is on the menu and few bottles of pinot grigio. Welcome back gringos…

Feb 1st – Day 2 Troncones
Morning exercise, Molly and I ran up and down the beach bay, ocean swim, and a dip in the pool. Day spent on the chaise lounge chairs – maybe a total of 4-6 people on the whole beach front in the bay. Dinner at Costa Brava in Troncones, watch the surfers against the backdrop of a world class sunset. – Coconut ice cream back at the Inn. John D MacDonald “Border Town Girl” is the book for this trip. Lights out before 10:00pm.

Feb 2nd Day 3 Troncones
Tiritas for lunch at the Inn and a nice long walk past the point along the beach to the north. Snorkeled along the rocks being VERY careful of the breaking waves. Tried my hand at some amateur underwater photography with my new Fuji XP submersible. Wine and margaritas over at Dick and Susan’s then into town for Argentinian style steaks at Indigo.

Feb 3rd – Day 4 Troncones
Breakfast at Café Pacifico – the eggs casserole are a must have. Further into town we do some silver shopping at Ignacio’s and exchange greetings with “Hector the Protector” next door at the tienda. Exercised that afternoon and really got a sweat going – pool was extra nice. Down to Roberto’s and mesero Salvador for Queso Fundido with tortillas.

Feb 4th Day 5 Troncones
Morning exercise followed by eggs with quinoa in a red sauce. Lazy day at the Inn and dinner that evening with Dick and Susan at Mi Jardin. Our first time there, nice place with a cool vibe on the hill / mountain side of Troncones.

Feb 5th Day 6 Troncones
Dinner at the Inn – another seaside table setting under the pergola and had the ribs and a few bottles of red. Last night for Dick and Susan. Mauricio is building a new beach home in Saladita for his family – they live in Mexico City – hope to see everyone again next year.

Feb 6th Day 7 Troncones
After breakfast we gear up and make the beach walk all the way along the coast from the Inn to Roberto’s. Stopped once along the way for lunch at Costa Brava. One of those Mezcal and Sol days at Roberto’s. Shared a few with Salvador and Tomas “¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro!” – stayed for another pacific sunset.

Feb 7th Day 8 Troncones to Zihua
Check out at 11:00am and its all five stars again for Inn at Manzanillo and staff. Outstanding food, service, and lodging. The grounds are immaculate and if you like small boutique, it does not get any better than this place. Check into Aura Del Mar around 11:45 as our room is ready. Greetings, welcome back and welcome home from Rosalva. Room #110 – junior suite – no jacuzzi. Spectacular view of the bay. We go down to Madera for our tradition and long time ritual of first cerveza and….no more Valeria. New owners and very pleasant people had a few drinks there. Then – on our we back to Aura, Jorge from the old Valeria sees us and runs out to give us a big welcome. He went just two doors down to Maria Bonita. Game on…Super Bowl LV at La Perla. Being from Minnesota, still blows me away to watch the game beach side.

Feb 8th Day 9 Zihua
Breakfast at Bistro Del Mar and into town for pesos at Scotia Bank ATM – no problems. Over to Silver Surf for a new pair of board shorts and some sporty flip flops for Molly. Poolside at Aura and lunch with Jorge at Maria Bonita – Coronas, Daiquiris, and Mango Margaritas with our friend Melissa who is joined us this week from Minnesota. Afternoon pool swim at Aura and a 6:45 reservation at Il Mare which I think has the best view in town. Mexican Coffees with Gabby, Jorge and Roberto at Puerta Del Sol – excellent show – even better than a Flaming Moe….

Feb 9th Day 10 Zihua
Emails and work from the room patio overlooking the bay, ran the length of the paseo back and forth from the canal bridge to the end past Irma a few times and then an ocean swim off of Madera. Down to La Gula and that wonderful balcony seating over Adelita.

Feb 10th Day 11 Zihua
Early breakfast at Aura Del Mar then walk down to the pier to meet Chilolo and Jess from Carlo Scuba. Scenic boat ride to Ixtapa. Deep dive is Torrecillas and El Chato for the shallow. Whales are migrating out further a little bit and for the first time anywhere I hear the whale songs. Very clear and absolutely blows me away. Took a bunch of underwater photos – trying to edit and clean up some good ones, the eagle rays were abundant and cruising. Mobula rays were also putting on a great show jumping out of the water. Dinner at Aura Del Mar was a delicious stuffed Mahi Mahi.

Feb 11th Day 12 Zihua
Emails and work follow up on the room patio – wifi service is great and I really need a better view from my home office is Minneapolis… La Perla at noon on the rental chairs and some gringo food. Molly gave me a nice pair of Nikon 7f binoculars for Christmas, fun to have those on the beach to look at the boats and other side of the bay. Azteca is still anchored and abandoned. Up to Puerta Del Sol for dinner and Jorge puts on the Chimita Flambe show for us – holy tenderness. We stay for the music of “Solo Tres” – killer harmonies so beautiful that it makes you wanna cry…

Feb 12th Day 13 Zihua
Poolside at Aura and a 5:00 shower for dinner at Rufo’s. Ribs for dinner and a hamburguesa for Molly. Los Bananos? is our entertainment for the evening and Rufo himself joins in with his Fender electric and Marshall combo. We cheer them all on and give a few shout outs to “Rufo Santana”! Don Memo’s for a night cap with bartender Teo.

Feb 13th Day 14 Zihua
Got to the airport around 9:30am for our re-entry Covid test. Two people in line ahead of us. My estimate was about 7-10 minutes per person. Three of us were in and out in under 30 minutes. Super easy, professional, and efficient. Results emailed to us in 30 minutes. Total cost: $579 pesos. Piece of advice: Don’t look at how far they slide that q-tip up a nose… Taxi waited for us across the lot and then we went down to Barra De Potosi and enremada Silvia. High Tides have really altered the beach front so we walk about an hour down the beach to Chula Vida. Whole place to ourselves for the day to watch waves, sun, and enjoy tiritas, Coronas, and Pina Coladas.

Feb 14th – Day 15 Zihua to Minneapolis
Another splendid time in paradise with my Molly Bonita. Return day - Have to remember how to wear socks again, but our hides are well tanned and now it’s only two weeks until March. Check in goes fine at the airport – show your email of the negative test results, sign a couple of forms and that’s it. 7:45pm arrival at MSP. MINUS 20 – yes MINUS 20 Fahrenheit….Hasta Luego Amigos!

Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by Luvee @, Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 16:09 (56 days ago) @ HansMpls

Thank you for a fantastic trip report! This is the reason that I started following this site many years ago, but the trip reports are few and far between these days. We also split our time between Troncones and Zihua and I was amazed that most of your favorites are also ours, right down to the Aura del Mar and Costa Brava in Troncones! I can hardly wait to return.


Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 19:12 (56 days ago) @ HansMpls

Thanks for taking the time to share that terrific report! You don't mess around. It's RELAXING VACATION or BUST. Good job! Be nice to see some of your photos. Saludos.


Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 19:14 (56 days ago) @ HansMpls

Great report, so nice that you love our paradise.

Thanks for the restaurant recommendations, and please come back soon!!!

Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by sams300zx, Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 20:15 (56 days ago) @ Talley Ho

Nice to hear someone is enjoying paradise Thanks for the update


Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by mosesk, Ojai, CA, USA, Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 06:56 (56 days ago) @ sams300zx

I got drunk reading your report.
Good on ya!


Trip Report Jan 31 - Feb 14

by i1rgt00 @, Minnesota, Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 10:44 (49 days ago) @ HansMpls

Thanks for your wonderful trip report. It makes the MN cold a little easier to tolerate. I don't know how I forgot all about Sun Country's non-stop flight - thanks again!