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As of today, since April 18, 2020 Zihuatanejo has registered a cumulative total of 2,427 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (1 more than yesterday), 194 that have resulted in fatalities, 5 that are currently active, and approximately 2,078 that have recovered.

The collapsed area of the Autopista Siglo XXI has been repaired and is passable once again. Hard to believe but true! Kudos to the SCT de Michoacán!

No more sleeping under the sheets. Amazing that less than 2 weeks we still had nights cool enough to sleep under a sheet. Unthinkable now, though a fan makes the evenings tolerable. Hammocks are much more comfortable than beds at this time of year.

With the rains come mosquitos. Be sure to check around your abode for places where water might accumulate and offer them breeding grounds. This is also when ants tend to move indoors or otherwise seek drier locations, usually closer to humans, so keep an eye out for them to be on the move.

If you are a citizen then be sure to know where your polling station is and have your credencial ready. Polls open at 8:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM. If you don't know where to vote you can use this website: https://ubicatucasilla.ine.mx/ . You need to find where it says "SECCIÓN" on your credencial and plug in that number. The map function wasn't working on the website when I tried it, but it still tells you the location.

On Monday the vaccinations will resume for folks from 40 to 49 years old whose last names begin with from L to Z as well as for pregnant women past nine weeks of gestation.

Our lifelong dear friend Noyo Verboonen regarding the bay at dawn.

Autopista Siglo XXI

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According to El Sol de Zamora on-line news:
After the collapse in the asphalt that occurred days ago on the road, this Saturday, June 5, an alternate detour road that was built for the passage of vehicles on the highway will open to circulation Pátzcuaro-Lázaro Cárdenas, Uruapan-Nueva Italia section. Through a statement, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation Michoacán (SCT) reported that this road was built on one side of the sub-section from kilometer 148 + 400 to kilometer 148 + 550, which is still under study to determine what caused the collapse on the highway.
There's a little more info here....https://www.elsoldezamora.com.mx/local/abren-camino-alterno-tras-derrumbe-en-autopista-siglo-xxi-6801825.html