Más Que Un RoZIHo

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, June 19, 2021, 20:51 (161 days ago)


While we had a brief heavy rain the other night, today was the first series of torrential downpours that were fortunately intermittent instead of steady. Downtown flooded in its usual places, but the canal didn't overflow. The beach was indeed a mess, however, as I imagine all the coast is right now. I used to be amazed at how much plastic could wash up on the beaches after a rain, but no longer. It's simply a sad commentary of human arrogance and ignorance that we continue using so much disposable plastic.

Most of Tropical Storm Dolores has past and is moving inland north of us, though we'll likely get another outer band or two before its precipitation moves away. This kind of weather is not unusual at all for June, though it usually stops raining after the first week or so of July and doesn't rain much again until later in August. Of course there ain't no reason with the hurricane season, so...

It was odd watching what I guess was a busload of tourists playing in the water in front of Rossy's at La Ropa this morning when the deluges were just getting started. Another group of tourists was playing in the water at the downtown beach during the rain. After it stopped raining I saw folks picking up plastic bottles from the beach. Not sure if they were locals or tourists, but their gesture is sincerely appreciated. I was surprised to see any tourists at all, but many had come long distances to get here so I can certainly appreciate their sentiment that they weren't going to let the rain ruin their vacation.

Many restaurants including Garrobos will be having a special comida for Día del Padre this Sunday. It should be a lovely day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. ¡Felicidades a todos los papás!
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This photo was taken a couple of days ago before the Big Gush. That sandbar is no longer there nor anything else in the mouth of the canal. It is currently a raging torrent of muddy water. A tricycle even washed up on the beach today. The first two palm trees on the beach past the statue are not likely to last much longer since most of that sand has washed out and the current usually eats up that part of the beach until the sand levels back out and starts building up again.