DeterminaZIHón con Amor

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, July 07, 2021, 21:59 (103 days ago)


La Unión had a large turnout of 40-49añeros to receive their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Still no word on when vaccinations will continue in Zihuatanejo, but everyone over 18 is now encouraged to register for their vaccinations. The federal government's goal is to have everyone over 18 vaccinated by October.

The rains last night were lighter than predicted but they certainly provided relief from the heat and made for extremely comfortable sleeping, and today we saw mostly sunny skies, again not as predicted. But unstable weather continues in the region as a tropical wave passes over us, so we have to always be ready. Usually July calms down after the first week or so, and things stay mostly sunny until late August. We shall see... At least we don't have any Sargasso seaweed washing ashore.

Sure miss those tall palm trees and almendro trees. It looks like somewhere else. Too much unnecessary construction and not enough attention to the heart and soul of Zihuatanejo. And of course, like every single government project we know it will not be maintained (just look at the La Madera section), which is where the justification comes from every few years for another "remodelación".

Raulito with Kiki, the rescued chihuahua blind from cataracts (and with whom I can strongly identify). Raulito continues recovering his strength, ingesting more solid and liquid foods, and recovering his bodily functions. A couple of days ago he was fighting a mild fever, but for the past couple of days his animus and health seem to be improving. We hope to have him more mobile soon. His Mamá, Tías and Abuela continue fussing over and caring for him. It is truly inspiring. We're hoping the guanabana tea and mitochondrial regenerator (or whatever it's called) have positive results. We shall know soon enough. His doctors and nurses are encouraged by his steady progress and improvement. We still have our eyes wide open knowing full well what we're up against, but thanks to so many of you we have promising options and are at least keeping Raulito comfortable and in good spirits.