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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, September 03, 2021, 20:31 (85 days ago)


As I predicted a week or so ago, Guerrero moves to Semáforo Naranja on Monday. Guerrero is still registering 8 deaths for every 100 confirmed cases of Covid-19, but locally the number of hospitalizations, confirmed cases and deaths per day have been coming down. Bars (and hopefully Cinema Flamingo in Ixtapa) will be reopening and aforos will be adjusted accordingly at beaches, hotels, markets, stores, banks, and beaches. As of this Monday no states in Mexico will be in Semáforo Rojo. A good sign if the stats can be trusted.

Apart from the overnight deluge, the weather today was picture postcard perfect and damned pleasant. The bay was calm and the beach looked inviting. Nights have been somewhat cool with the rains, so we still pull a sheet up over us for sleeping. Nice! Hillsides are a deep green and even the damp earth has a lovely nostalgic fragrance that reminds of other times and places.

A good day to think about lodgings for your upcoming vacation. ;-)
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Folks enjoying a lovely atardecer at Zihuatanejo's Playa Principal.