Escuelas de Acero

by ladybug @, Barra de Potosi, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 13:43 (93 days ago)

DISCLAIMER There is a group called Escuelas de Acero, who want to build schools-classrooms from used shipping containers. There have been articles in most of the Mexican News outlets, Facebook etc. suggesting there is a relationship, however, WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY: There are no plans to build in Barra de Potosi as the articles suggest. There is a lengthy process to building a school in Mexico and even more lengthy process to having it certified in order to have qualified teachers teaching, funding etc. We take our work very seriously and as much as their hearts are in the right place we are not involved. There is no prototype to prove that their system is successful in this climate so it is not something we could even consider.