Fajita queen

by locahermanas, Thursday, March 10, 2011, 08:36 (3168 days ago)

This is a great new place to eat this season, located next to Coconuts. We went there last night to have a very light meal, as we had eaten alot of food out at Troncones earlier in the day. Two of us ordered Sopa De Tortilla; the broth was a wonderful chicken base with other additions that made it creamy smooth, freshly spiced. The strips of crunchy tortillas, avocado dice and creama all blended together like silk on the tongue. My sister had the lobster bisque and was surprised to actually have chunks of meat in the thick, once again, very creamy sauce. She said the freshness really stood out. The pina colada without alcohol was found to be the best in zihua.

Fajita Queen's has a special every day that includes choice of soup or salad, choice of fish, chicken, pork or beef, and a dessert ice cream for only 65 pesos. Try it. We will definately be going back there.

Also want to say that the Costa Brava in Troncones was excellent. Food is good - everything we ordered, very clean establishment, great ambiance with nice music in the background (not live). I love this place and the people who run it.

I'm returning to the tundra today, but will have many sweet memories from this trip. Jealous that my other half (the loca part of we two hermanas) is staying thru the end of the month.


Fajita queen

by JeffMN ⌂ @, Minneapolis MN USA, Thursday, March 10, 2011, 11:07 (3168 days ago) @ locahermanas

I wish we'd discovered this place when we were there last month. Sounds great!
I empathize with you on your return to the cold, gray tundra. Hang in there; spring's only a few months away ;-)

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