Silver Cloud and Ocean Star

by owiley, Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 19:32 (4096 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Rob and the rest in Zihua,
I live in Ketchikan Alaska and we went from fishin, mining, logging (they shipped most of out logs over seas, to hell with our mills and jobs) to mostly cruise ships. We have up to 5 cruise ships a day.. PS I am not to good with emails. They wanted more dock space for the cruise ships, They put it to the locals for a vote and it was voted down.. they went a different way and got the dock anyway. Most of our old stores and bars are now gone. Ps they made Ketchikan , Ketchikan, like the mexican stores make zihua, zihua.. They were replaced by Jewely stores. They take over our town in the summer.If you want to go though Ketchikan you may be driving at 2 miles per hour behind a horse cart. Some locals did get low paying jobs. In the winter they close all there stores and board up all the windows with plywood. They don't live here. I have friends that went on the cruise ships to alaska and they didn't realy see Alaska..I think they should just stay on the big ships. I worked on the Alaska Marine Highway system (the ferrys) and when we see whales or Alaskan sights, We let the passanger know about them. Cruise ships don't like to point out the whales
and other stuff----It pulls the passanger from that great dinner or slot machines. They lose money.
I love Zihua and Please keep Zihua mexican.
I wish the cruise ship would stay home.. Come up to Alaska and let the Alaskans show you alaska.
Ps.I went to Costa Rica last winter, Wish I went back to Zihua. That is another story. I didn't have a good time.
Keep Zihua Mexican, support the local Mexicans. PS sorry about my spelling.

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