Time to clear some things up...

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, February 16, 2017, 14:38 (429 days ago) @ Hunter-MX

First, I am not directly involved in this situation. However, I know and love these people and want to see justice served. I will do everything I can to help, even if it is just giving voice to the cause.

Second, and this board is not the only place I have heard this, if you want to use this as an excuse to not visit Zihuatanejo anymore than you are allowing us to fail. Don't for one minute think this a NEW problem here. Violence and injustice are a part of Mexico and especially the state of Guerrero. It always has been. I have 19 years here, it is always the same. What has changed is social media. It gives a voice to just and unjust alike. It gives a platform for causes and reasons and ways to seek change. Violence here is up and down, always has been. You, the readers, the visitors and tourists become aware only when it touches you in some way. It is not any different than 19 years ago and the years I have lived here.

Don't take what is happening as an excuse to not come. In the same regard, don't start saying "Well there is violence everywhere". As much as this is a paradise for you, it is just a community with all the issues communities have. Anywhere you go has its issues, its "secrets" and its defenders as well as detractors. If you feel you can vacation somewhere safer than here, then I dare say you simply haven't looked hard enough and deep enough at that place.

So enough of my rant. Let's focus on what the real issue is, which is trying to help these unfortunate kids any way we can.

Not sure if you're aware the owner of the house, from a well known local family, was also detained and taken to Acapulco where he gave his statement and was released. His house was also returned to him instead of being confiscated as the police are wont to do in such cases. A friend of ours is using this recent example to try to get their home returned to them after criminals were arrested in it while renting in Ixtapa a couple of years ago, but my friend is apparently being extorted by the police and Ministeriales. Typical operating procedure here in Guerrero.

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