HERE is a real way to help!

by Hunter-MX ⌂ @, Troncones, Gro. Mexico, Thursday, February 16, 2017, 14:53 (486 days ago) @ Hunter-MX

These kids, and that's what they are, just kids, need to raise money for a legal defense. Someone we all know and love has stepped forward to facilitate that for them.

Donations can be made via PayPal www.paypal.com using ladymzih@hotmail.com as the account.

The minimum that needs to be raised is 10,000 pesos. That is only 500 US dollars. But I fear that will be just the beginning and more fees will accrue. I wouldn't be putting myself out there if I did not feel CONFIDENT in their innocence. I would also state very clearly that it scares the hell out of me what they are being subjected to while being held for something they did not do. The justice system here isn't much for saying Sorry, we got the wrong guys...

So please if you can, step up and help a little. Thoughts and prayers are wonderful but lawyers don't accept them for payments.


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