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The update is that things have gone from bad to worse. I can not elaborate much at the request of those involved. I will say that it appears these two kids will be used as an example and the situation is dire. Is there a way for you to help? I am not sure. There will be continuing legal expenses and travel for their families. I say keep signing the petition... That is about all I have, sorry.

We need media attention to shame the corrupt state authorities looking to make money from the detention of this couple. They do this all the time. They find a chivo expiatorio to try to enhance their image (look, we caught NINE bad guys!!!), and even when they get found out, instead of backtracking and admitting their mistake and doing the right thing they hunker down, extort from the families, and collude to cover their asses.

For the first time in the history of Mexico yesterday the PGR offered a public apology for a similar act of corruption and cover-up that led to 3 Ñañú women being imprisoned for over 3 years accused of kidnapping 6 PGR agents. The case was obviously fraudulent from the git-go but somehow proceeded through the dysfunctional injustice system of Mexico anyway, just like this one will unless we can focus enough media attention on it. So there is precedent and there is a way to fix this, but it isn't going to be by just paying lawyers and bribing authorities.

PGR ofrece disculpa pública a mujeres indígenas Hñähñú

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