by OlsenMN, Sunday, March 12, 2017, 08:15 (468 days ago) @ Charlybby
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Time to duck inside!! Shots sounded like by the Merza!! Lots of boys zooming around town & milling around earlier?! All quiet now! far

Yours was on Paseo del Palmar near the Kawasaki, an assassination

The shootouts are coming so often now. Night before last downtown just before 9PM everyone closed their businesses fast. Yesterday at noon everyone just stopped and listened trying to figure out where it was coming from (and towards)as they ducked for cover. They only make the news if someone is killed or captured. All my neighbors are scared for themselves and their families (and their businesses) and most kids are being kept at home. The schools have trained the kids for lockdown, shelter in place, hit the floor (needed this week at Prepa 13)

Very sad for Zihuatanejo and seemingly out of control.

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