another Z vacation has come and gone

by tay50 @, Monday, March 13, 2017, 08:27 (405 days ago)

Just got back from our annual vacation to Ixtapa/Zih 5 days in Ixtapa and 5 in Zih had a great time as usual. To the amazement of some family and friends we actually made it back home alive, after all Mexico is dangerous. The only danger I ever experience is whether or not my pants will fit at the end of the trip due to all the great food we eat when there. This year we went to Jungle Pizza, which was very good thin crust pizza. I Mare, very good food, but we did think the service was slow, we didn't receive a menu for over forty minutes, but it was very busy that night. Paty's we all liked our meals and the free Kahlua and cream at the end of the meal is a added bonus. El Manglar 2 of the 4 of us had a good meal, the guacamole was very salty, had to send it back, and still to salty to eat went it came back. The chicken breast dinner, and my Mahi Mahi was excellent, the Tuna in sesame seed was a failure, as it was drenched in a coconut sauce which over powered the fish. I wish the menu would have stated the fish was topped with a sauce. The rib eye steak was also a failure to tough to eat and way over cooked. The restaurant was very busy that night and the waiter's were running to keep up, I know a lot of posters like this place because of the food, so we will try again next year, just a off night? The General in Ixtapa was very good, guacamole made at your table, you are asked how much of each ingredient you like added to the dish as its being prepared. The food we all ordered was very good, only thing I would change would be the timing of the delivery of the food, my wife had her shrimp dish prepared table side after our meals were delivered, she had to wait while we ate. We have decided to come for 2 weeks next year, not sure if we will do a split trip again, might just stay the entire time in "Z" as the Holiday Inn Resort is a little to noisy for us older people. We love the staff which is why we go there, and we know a lot of people who vacation the same time as us at so it's also nice to see them too. So until next year we will just be dreaming of beaches of Z.

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