Long Term Rentals and Expat Living

by simoncornell @, Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, March 16, 2017, 15:25 (102 days ago)

First of all just want to say thanks to Rob for the help on Facebook. Second of all let me explain my situation. I'm a older single male, I'm 60 so I can't retire yet but have some money in my retirement account. I have been an educator for the last 35 years and I am burned out and I really don't want to keep working. I recently moved back to Fort Worth but it's very expensive to live here and my money is being sucked out of my account like a vacuum cleaner. My objective is to find a nice place by the beach (rent for awhile and possibly buy something later on). I have heard nice things about Zihua/Ixtapa but don't know anything about it really, so if I could get some sound advice it would be appreciated. I'm getting ready to book a 2 week vacation to visit and check out the area. Of course if I do decide to move down there permanently it would be nice to have somewhere for my 2 dogs and I to live. So my main question is where does one begin? My Spanish is basic, even though I studied it for 2 years but that was 40 years ago (no recuerda nada), anyhow I'm looking at Rob's rental site but they seem to be high end or vacation rentals so if anybody can provide some links or namesks to a reputable realtor in town I'd appreciate it or possibly how to go about finding a cheap abode to rent. I'm not looking for a high end luxurious condo but something nice and hopefully close to a beach (rent between $500-$800) 2 br if possible. If not, tell me I'm dreaming and point me in another direction. I'm not very familiar with Mexico but I have looked at property in San Juan Del Sur in Nica. and the Dominican Republic. Loved SJDS but property has gone crazy there in the last few years and didn't like the DR, so if somebody can give me some hints or advice on the housing situation, mucho appreciado.

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