Seabed trash pile cleanup

by Semma4 @, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, March 16, 2017, 16:20 (459 days ago)

Due to the quirky nature of the underwater currents in Bahia La Ropa a large deposit of trash accumulates, over time, in an underwater channel just offshore - about 60 metres - from the La Perla restaurant.
To clean out this garbage pile requires full SCUBA divers operating from a specialist dive boat, as well as support of free-divers and snorkelers.
On Saturday (18th) at about 10am to approximately midday, this operation will be undertaken, under the supervision of Miguel (Tarzan), the official beach cleaner for La Ropa, and with the PADI Dive Operator from Las Gattas, Thierry, providing a dive boat & Captain, with SCUBA tanks and divers with suitable dive gloves,platic bags, dump transport, gasoline, and soft drinks for the team.
The cost of this has been underwritten by a few of the condominium owners of Residencias Villa Del Sol.
Bandito's Restaurant will be providing some tiritas to the crew, and LOOT will also be supporting this project with additional dive equipment.
Miguel plans to pile all of this garbage on the beach - for all to see - before loading it into large heavy duty black plastic bags, prior to loading it onto a truck for transport to the city dump.
Come and support this endeavor.

Graham Felipe'

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