Perfume RANT

by Casa Sandbar ⌂ @, Friday, March 17, 2017, 10:00 (44 days ago)

Out for dinner Wednesday evening in Madera near the taxi stand and as we're enjoying the last bite or two of dinner a tourist walks in to join a group and sits down 5' behind us. We were just about blown over by the excessive amount of perfume being worn. She then starts using a hand fan which blew it towards us. Eyes watering...we got our bill and leave faster than we would have liked.

In Canada she would be refused entry to all Hospitals and many other "scent free" zones. We would have moved tables (which we've done) and possibly even said something. It was so late into our meal that we chose to let things be rather than potentially causing a scene with her and the other 7 people at her table.

Interested to see how others would deal with this. Rant away.;-)

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