Public Beach access

by HolyMole @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 12:22 (307 days ago) @ wisconsinjuan

The beach is public, up to a certain point relative to the strongest high tide. (sorry, I don't remember all the particulars)The property owner owns the rest. Why should a private business invest in nice facilities and you get to use them for free? They are for their guests, not the general public. You can park your yacht off the beach and take your tender boat in.

We used to stay at Las Brisas for many years, but we stay longer now, so a hotel room just isn't practical. The restaurants are still very good and they are happy to accommodate you. Employees from many years ago still remember us. Why don't you get over your attitude and give it a try. Whoops, I forgot. They do have a minimal dress code at night.

The best part of the beach is I don't hear "wanna go fishing" every five minutes.

Well, at least someone took the bait. But my suggestion was serious. We've never expected to be able to use a beach hotel's amenities unless we were staying there, but there are 'way too many Mexican beach resorts that have appropriated entire beaches as their own, effectively privatizing them. From the high tide line, or 30 meters above that line....whatever the details.... the Mexican Constitution says beaches are public, and the public shouldn't have to embark on arduous overland treks to bypass private property that blocks public access. If hotel operators and their guests don't want the great unwashed tramping through the lobby, ensure that building codes include a requirement that these resorts provide (and maintain) a corridor for access to those public beaches.
On Ixtapa's Playa Palmar, kudos to the authorities for providing the two widely-separated public access points, with ample parking and, at least at the access near the dolphinarium, toilet facilities.

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