Is it okey for Americans to live in Zihuatanejo now?

by Anita, Monday, March 20, 2017, 13:27 (338 days ago) @ Labrat


We've been traveling to Zihua since 2010, and were married there last year.

We have made several friends there with the local, keep in touch over the year, and share holidays & birthdays with them while we are there.

We keep ourselves informed with what is going on in the area; I think the only precaution we've ever taken, is not staying out alone at night. We feel safe there, in fact I think it's fair to safe, we feel as safe, or safer there than certain areas when we are at home.

We too are looking to buy, check out the links on ZihuaRob's website; Zihua Bello is a favorite of ours. There are also a lot of FB groups dedicated to homes for sell, as well as places to rent.

Enjoy your time there, and the paradise of the Costa Grande!!



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