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We had a great winter in Zihua and snorkeled every day at either end and the length of La Ropa and all along and around the south shore out to and including Las Gatas. We made a video with some simple snorkel directions for the bay and some highlights. The huge swarms of fish with the Moorish Idols are from Las Gatas around Christmas and New Years. The turtles are from many places. The seahorses were all taken near the stone jetty where the Las Gatas road turns to a path. The swimming iguana was out towards Las Gatas which is our favourite area to snorkel. The only company we usually encountered on the south shore were the oystermen.

Earlier this winter I asked the board about water cameras and got some good advice.Thanks. We found two Fuji XP 90 cameras and spare batteries in Zihua and they served us well including much of the video footage.

The notes from the video

All clips and photos were taken between the northern rocks of La Ropa Beach, along La Ropa and the south shore of Zihuatanejo Bay to Las Gatas. This was all done at no cost and on foot or by public transit as we pleased and with plenty of beach seating at many restaurants and many lodging choices. We very rarely had other snorkelers nearby except at Las Gatas which has a man-assisted breakwall/reef and is a well known snorkel beach with it's own water taxi for 50 Mxn pesos, return (2017). The Moorish Idols have been present around Christmas and New Year's in the large groups and all winter generally.The Pacific water quality and visibility changes greatly and there are many boats in the bay to be aware of but shore snorkeling for no cost with no guides or schedules is available. As with many places the early morning snorkeling can be very good but it is not as critical along the mostly uninhabited south shore which can be very good all day and right up to dusk in the winter months, especially with unencumbered sunsets. People earn a living with fishing and tourism boats as mentioned above and also by diving for oysters and other sea life, as well as shore fishermen to be aware of and to share the bay with at times. The iguana was a land based iguana having a swim but a first for us. The porkfish and two types of tangs were new this year and we got better video of what I think are cow nosed rays. As always we do no harm, neither feed or touch the subjects and clean the ocean as we can.

Here's the Youtube video


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