Zihua Bay snorkel video

by juanrojo @, Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 12:00 (440 days ago) @ dhunsber

Thank you all for the nice comments. Jane, you know I appreciated the scouting reports.

I just use the Windows moviemaker app that came loaded on my computer. It is very user friendly in dragging images and music around and captioning. It pretty much has to be user friendly for me to be able to use it!

Cameras are also very smart these days and they automatically adjust for low light in video mode. I had many productive snorkels around sunset and the cameras compensated with more light. The extra light in video mode also worked with our Sony land camera. I was getting very poorly lit photos of a woodpecker near our deck at 15 feet away in shade. When I switched to video the subject was very well lit. I am a snorkeler with a camera and many of the still shots are sceen captures. I wanted a photo record of as many species as possible for this video. So if you you have a bird or tejon in low light try the video mode. It's kinda cheating to the purists but you can win a bet with video proof as easily as a photo. Almost all of the photos have been, "lit up" and cropped using the photo software that also came with the computer. This is almost a requirement for the greener Pacific water compared to Caribbean water and has a greater effect as well. If your underwater photos aren't what you hoped for just try the auto light adjustment function.

As an example of my weak computer skills, it took me two days to remember after finally reading the very simple photo posting instructions on the forum page how to post a photo here. This photo made us so happy. We had made it our goal to clean the ocean and shore with more than a passing interest. It was very encouraging to see the new garbage cans along La Ropa and we used them a lot. When the shipwreck happened right at our water entry spot by the Rossy we got discouraged a bit. Along came Miguel with his commitment to keeping the beach and bay clean who rallied the cavalry and organized a dive and snorkel crew and dive boat from Carlos Scuba to clean the bay. There was some PHILanthropy involved in funding this effort and many large onion bags were filled with a lot of garbage and boat parts.




Made him happy too


Please be happy always

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