Wine to Zih

by Pelicano, Friday, April 14, 2017, 10:17 (430 days ago) @ Biodude

Well, A) Zihua is in the tropics, not ideal for even short term storage of wine w/out refrigeration B) I prefer French wines C) It's not the cost, it's preference - so for the last 20 years we bring a case of wine to Zihuatanejo. Never a problem. C) Not a problem at any of the restaurants we dine at... D) just remember to tip as if you had bought off the list... and offer your host a taste E) if your like your La Cetto baked, fine with me, ignore A-D.

I prefer French wine as well, and pickings (!) are slim in Centro since Vinoteca closed. As for Mork, I didn't know there was ANY wine on Ork.

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