Go back to Mexico! Uh, alrighty then...

by Curbarn, summer b.c. winter zihua, Sunday, April 16, 2017, 02:22 (648 days ago) @ joe26170

I have a daughter and two grandkids that live in San Diego, and because of that I still need to go sometimes. I used to own two houses there. Just sold one in Carlsbad, because of the negativity. Well that and a heathy capital gain since 2012. I still own one in Sqauremont. I used to stay about 6 or seven times a year, but have decide to rent it. I plan to try and only go once a year for the girls birthdays. Maybe when a nice guy operates the country, I will go back again more often. Till then the kids can visit me in Canada or Mexico. I bet I am not alone in this. in November and January I read lots of Canadians felt the same way in the Globe and Mail. As i get older I have less patience for mean and vindictive people.

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