And The Zih Goes On

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, April 17, 2017, 11:13 (427 days ago)

Still not sure why there need to be a dozen municipal police at the pier while there are none anywhere else in downtown Zihuatanejo, but they just do as they're told and they deserve our support. Between the Marinos and the police the area near the pier must be the safest place in all of the region.

We began to get some large waves in the bay yesterday evening that continue this morning. The pier appears to be holding up okay, but according to the news this morning the governor says he's going to order more safety testing and that he's going to try to make sure a new pier gets built before next December even though technically it's the responsibility of the federal government. Supposedly 60 million pesos is budgeted for this project, though as I keep pointing out to all the authorities at all 3 levels of government, a solid concrete structure is not in our best interests, and a floating structure can easily be built for much less money that will last longer, that will not suffer severe damage from storms or earthquakes, that will cost much less money to maintain, and that will make it easier to embark and disembark passengers including for cruise ship tenders just like they do in Los Cabos.

Thousands of tourists appear to have magically disappeared! We couldn't hardly even walk along the waterfront last night, but this morning none of those folks are to be seen. It almost seems like a normal morning. News reports tell of major traffic congestion on the autopistas returning to the inland cities from the coast. But it's still vacation time for a lot of folks since public schools are still closed. Even the smokiness has decreased and there were reports of widely scattered light rains around the state. Just what we need.



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