Trash and Lack of Facilities

by Linda from Canada @, Zihua and Grand Marais, Manitoba, Monday, April 17, 2017, 14:55 (373 days ago) @ Linda from Canada

And on a more positive note: I just got back (Monday, almost 3pm) from a lovely stroll down the length of La Ropa (twice). Of course it is nowhere as crowded as it has been for a few days, but it is still a very well attended beach. Lots of families all playing in the sand or water, eating, visiting, parasailing, and doing other normal things to be doing on a beach. It is pretty quiet- no booming music, but the occasional lower volume music as I strolled by. The beach is pretty clean- I saw (and picked up) a total of 3 plastic drink cups. I also saw 3 other individual Mexican ladies strolling the beach and picking up stuff...a chip bag, a piece of limon, a small piece of wood, a stray piece of rope, etc. As well, I saw 2 different people with dogs on leashes. What I saw, at this moment, was a very pleasant scene on a lovely beach with lots of folks enjoying the day and family time. Very nice.B-)

Linda from Canada
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