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by juanrojo @, Monday, April 17, 2017, 16:04 (433 days ago) @ Linda from Canada

On La Ropa beach there are three sets of garbage and recycling receptacles for three sorted types of waste.

One set is by the bridge to the El Manglar.

One set is near the municipal blue umbrella seating area

One set is near the restaurant/market area at the south end of Villa Mexicana

This winter's we saw that the cans were quite well maintained and emptied quite often, not perfectly by any means but quite often. I did see an inspector check and replace a bag, midday, heading into a long weekend. I'm not sure who routinely empties the containers. Again not perfectly done but done through high season including Navidad pretty well. I don't know if the sorted bags all end up in the regular garbage but at least this material does not get into the ocean.

Aluminum cans

There are many can collectors that are happy to recycle aluminum cans for scrap value. I will not get into the glass versus plastic arguments that I have read strong opinions about and instead come out strongly in favour of products in aluminum cans which are very efficiently removed at no cost. I can tell you that many cans still make it into the ocean with all the plastic even with a scrap market but it's the best option so far.

We have watched a young girl, Iris, grow into a young lady doing this recycling work and there is a man who accepts cans and ALL GARBAGE near the municipal blue umbrella seating area. He very rarely includes a request for a tip but lives mostly from this service it would appear. I saw many national tourists use his service and tip him at times without being asked and we visitors might look for him as we pass by. There are unofficial parking attendants and water taxi helpers out there seeking a tip for UNWANTED services so consider this thin , 40 year old guy, who provides a very useful service and rarely asks for money.

Of course education has to be the priority and proper facilities that are serviced regularly as well.

Some of the trash on La Ropa is being dealt with properly and obviously a lot more could be done very easily but at least someone made a start.

Please be happy always

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