Pizza production biz without doors or windows.

by Timmac @, Steilacoom, WA, Monday, April 17, 2017, 22:52 (551 days ago) @ HolyMole

A little out of the way, but grab a cab up to Pizza Majahua, the last place at the top of the hill, on the way to Ixtapa by the back way. Best pizza in town - according to this expert. A favourite of Lady M's, and those Arkansans know their pizza. :-)

Totally agree! As good a pizza as you'll find anywhere. They do burgers too that look very tasty, but their pizza is so good I've never tried their burgers. It's a family owned spot. Carol has told us they live there. Incredibly hospitable. One of our new favorite places.

It's actually a pretty easy walk. You can see the location on google maps. After you cross the bridge on the way to La Noria it's at most a 15 minute walk.

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