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I don't like being told how much to tip either. Tips are reserved for good service. If you give poor service a tip to reward this does not make sense to me. However, that being said I have only once in my life left a zero tip for bad service. I typically tip 18 to 20% and do the same when I'm in Mexico. I don't know why people (tourists) who visit there think that they can get away with tipping poorly. It is so disrespectful in my mind.... but, then again, so are the employers who employ these people. Shame on them for the low salaries they pay their employees.

There appear to be no current or former restaurant workers in this conversation, so get ready for an epiphany: RESTAURANTS DO NOT HAVE TO PAY MINIMUM WAGE! I worked way too many years in all kinds of restaurants in true elite class resort areas and the going wage was around a dollar an hour. Here in Mexico it is a lot less. THAT'S A FACT OF LIFE FOR RESTAURANT WORKERS.

NO ONE IS TELLING YOU HOW MUCH TO TIP OR THAT YOU MUST TIP AT ALL BY ADDING 10% TO THE BILL. You may have the tip removed from the bill by simply asking if you wish to leave no tip. It is not mandatory. It is added to help the wait staff and as a convenience for folks unaccustomed to tipping or for whom tipping is a cumbersome calculation.

Regardless of what the custom or law is where you come from, this ain't there. Here our waiters are unfortunately accustomed to too many tourists leaving no tip. It isn't the fault of the restaurants that wait staff live from tips, as especially Europeans like to allege. It is simply our way of operating restaurants. A different culture. There is nothing disrespectful about restaurants not paying waiters minimum wage or adding a 10% tip to a bill. We are fine with it. You don't have to like it or approve of it. I'm simply trying to make you aware of it so I don't have to read 50 more comments from folks indignant about standard practices in a local industry they don't work in.

For all of you current and former restaurant workers, this message is not for you.

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