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The restaurant tells you how much to pay for the food and, in the case of an added percentage for a tip, it's telling you how much to tip. Neither one has ever struck me as a suggestion.
Even if I hadn't ever worked in the food business, I'd be - and am - in favor of everybody being properly compensated for their labor. In spite of the silly assumption of that other poster, I always tip 20% and, in the case of particularly good service, I tip more. With the exception of bills for larger groups, I have never seen added tips on bills until fairly recently and when I did, the fact was posted on the menu. I have never witnessed this being done in Mexico, just in the western States, where I live. Policies might certainly be different in the Midwest, East or South.

Geeze. I found the problem. It's you ASSuming the restaurant is telling you that you must pay the 10% tip added to the bill because you've apparently had little experience with restaurants doing so. Never ASSume, amigo. The practice is used here because there has been a growing and historical problem with too many folks not leaving any tip or leaving woefully insufficient tips. Not sure why this remains a problem for you now that it's been explained to you in detail.

I know that you're not really that dense to not understand my point. A bill tells you what you owe. If the line below the sub-total were to say: "suggested gratuity", rather than just "gratuity", it would be clear to the diner that it's voluntary. But, again, I have never been asked for a tip on a restaurant bill in Mexico. I am well aware that many Mexicans are lousy tippers. Feel free to have the last word.

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