Height of summer humidex temps

by HolyMole @, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 23:03 (551 days ago) @ Timmac

The approximate math is simple, double centigrade and add 30. It's actually 9/5 C + 32.

It's a lot easier to just start thinking in C and stop thinking in F. Listing both never helps anyone. Here in Canada, they introduced the metric system in the early 70's and we never see any temperatures listed in F. But for some reason, grocers were permitted to continue showing Imperial weights for meat, as long as they also showed the metric equivalent. As a result, all advertising and store displays continue to show meat weights most prominently in lbs - and no one in Canada is comfortable with metric meat weights. Big mistake by government, who should have legislated a full conversion to metric - just like in the rest of the civilized world. :stirpot:

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