Height of summer humidex temps

by mexicowanderer, Friday, May 19, 2017, 12:33 (822 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

If you are looking for easy answers there aren't any.

I find summer COOLER here than autumn or winter. Spring brings the lowest morning temperatures.

The hottest thermal temp time is May-June-July.

When afternoon thunderstorms from the mountains arrive temps can plummet for awhile. The longer the duration of the storm the longer the duration afterward of the cool period.

HURRICANES and TROPICAL STORMS to the south that veer northwest, always push a huge bubble of very hot air ahead of them. This "la cannicula" is often spoken about among Mexicanos. You can BE SURE a storm is somewhere to the south.

Sleeping outside inside a mosquito tent with fan is a big help. A yucatecan hammock really helps. I use cheesecloth as a sheet over me. Why a fan inside the pabellón? it is because mosquito netting actually blocks air circulation. Such an arrangement makes summer nights a pleasure. I put an ultraviolet lamp on the far end of the patio to attract insects then I can have a reading light over my head. It is a diversión to look at the wall near the UV light and count the alacranes and geckos attracted by the lamp and insects.

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