Zihuatanejo on AP wire = all the world

by 90degreesok, Saturday, May 27, 2017, 21:56 (360 days ago) @ Craig AKA the cruise ship guy

Been visiting Ixtapa 2-3 times per year for the last 20 years. We planned to come for 2 weeks in May and now we're here one week with one week to go. Admittedly, I was very apprehensive this time but now that I am here, I feel reassured about security and crime potential. We have seen many Federal forces around Ixtapa this week as they stand guard and patrol the streets.
In the past, I felt like ixtapa was left alone and the criminals left this part of town to tourism. After the recent horrific acts, it shook
me as too close for comfort and thus my real apprehension. As I said, once we arrived, settled in, and slowly came around
to our normal routine, we realize that not much has changed and compared to what is happening all over the world,
this is no longer giving me any apprehension whatsoever. After much thoughtful consideration, I am still happy and feeling
fine in our little slice of paradise.

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