Thorough Response To 3 Police Officers Slain...

by mexicowanderer, Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 12:01 (362 days ago)

The SSP and Marinas de Armada, descended on Zihuantanejo and Ixtapa and relieved all police from the commandante on down. The purpose is to verify employment standards and background. Some police were implicated in the tragic slaying of three officers in Ixtapa a few weeks ago. The murderers were crooked police murdering officers who refused to go along with their criminality.

I have a saying: "The most dangerous thing anyone can do in Mexico is to get between a rich Mexican and his source of income."

The slimebags did exactly that. They staged a murder on broad daylight in the prime hotel area in Ixtapa. Error. The people who own the hotels have vast and powerful powers in Mexic City.

Flames were lit beneath many butts in México, including Osario Chong's - the secretaria de gobernacion federal.

The local cops are going to be vetted. Which is a hell of a lot better than what has existed.

Every town and city in Mexico needs this to be done on a case basis. I hope but with futile expectations this will continue. It happened up here in Lazaro Cardenas, and the after effects were gratifying.

So before anyone gets any ideas about shock news about the cops being relieved from duty and having the Marinas and SSP patrol the streets, realize the murderers of the three cops have been arrested and the rich owners of the hotels are going to insure they serve time regardless of corrupt politics in Guerrero's capitol city Chilpancingo.

I had a nice hour's chat with a Delegdo Federal in Lazaro this morning. He drives an older VW Jetta and owns only one house.

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