Using AT&T in Zihua and around Mexico?

by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Thursday, June 01, 2017, 10:10 (508 days ago) @ Z MadCity

I have used ATT here for several years and generally been OK with them. They used to have a $5.95 a month add on to their basic plan but it had a number of restrictions. They have now bought out a number of smaller providers and show up as ATT Mex instead of piggybacking on TelCel or MOvistar. I am now on their plan with unlimited voice and text and 10 gig download (they have simply followed market demand). Their voice/text works really well everywhere I have traveled. My daughter and two grandsons were here recently and had Verizon which worked well voice/text/wifi/personal hotspot.

I have two ipnes, one on ATT and one Verizon. Both work equally well on voice/text. I am presently in L Barra and have trouble getting wifi/personal hot spot to work with either provider.

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