Using AT&T in Zihua and around Mexico?

by Fran @, Way North Wisconsin, Friday, June 02, 2017, 11:23 (597 days ago) @ Z MadCity

We use ATT and have their Mexico Roaming Bonus. It's free. You just have to sign up for it. It gives unlimited talk and text and 1gb data.

Here's the information from the website. You can just sign up on line. We went into our local ATT office to sign up because we thought there had to be a catch. There isn't. It works.

AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonusâ„ 
While in Mexico, enjoy unlimited talk to the U.S. and within Mexico, unlimited text, and 1GB of data. Data overage packs are applied at $20 per 1GB. Don't forget to add this for each device you're taking.

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