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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, June 09, 2017, 20:07 (347 days ago)

My wife and I are simple folks with simple tastes who enjoy simple pleasures. A romantic dinner for us is pretty much anywhere but a pretentious restaurant that thinks it knows more than we do about what we like and charges extra just to pretend it does. Quality and excellence are found in knowing not to order an inland city meal or absurdly foreign dishes in a remote tropical Mexican seaside village. While we certainly have some decent Asian, Mediterranean and Anglo-American fare, our best local fare will always be fresh seafood and regional Mexican dishes. And by far one of our favorite go-to restaurants is always La Porteña on the downtown waterfront. A place that is consistent and almost always fairly busy because locals recommend it. And our long-time friend Joaquín, whom my wife knows from his infancy, is the consummate host who always takes excellent care of us.

The waterfront is an oasis for us. One of the few parts of downtown Zihuatanejo not taken over by the alcohol culture, though the zócalo certainly needs some attention since it seems to have been taken over by wandering vendors and dubious cultural events that have little to do with local culture. And the inflatable children's attractions don't even belong there, IMHO (as most of my neighbors will agree). But most of the rest of the waterfront still retains old Zihuatanejo charm which we cherish greatly.

Here are a couple of scenes we enjoyed during our recent evening walks. Some of the evening magic of our beloved Zihuatanejo. I hope you like them, simple as they are.

A couple of evenings ago.

Last night.

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