Ixtapa Mangoes

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I also believed these Mangoes were from Ixtapa not a brand. I would do a happy dance thinking they were from Ixtapa!

If the Thread Kreep Kops will indulge, here's the skinny on those "Ixtapa Mangoes":
The box label says "Grown and Packed by Empaques de Mangos del Pacifico, Parque Industrial Cuamatla, Cuatitlan Izcalli, Edo. de Mexico".
So the grower/packer is headquartered in the State of Mexico - some 600+ km away from Ixtapa, on the coast.
(Cuatitlan Izcalli, according to Wikipedia, is the 8th largest city in Mexico, with a population of over 475,000. Who knew? And like most other Mexican cities, the actual population is probably closer to double that.)
Although I don't recall seeing any large mango plantations near Ixtapa, the mangoes may still have originated there, given the company name "Empaques de Mangos del Pacifico."

And just to really tease the TKK, I have to relay a wonderful quote heard the other day on a TV political discussion involving.....well, I'll let you figure out who was being discussed:

"He's so crooked, if he swallowed a nail, he'd shit a corkscrew".

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