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by HolyMole @, Sunday, June 18, 2017, 15:57 (463 days ago) @ Charlybby

The noise and air pollution from idling tour buses certainly isn't restricted to the La Ropa or La Madera areas. They are a plague wherever they park. How many times we cursed the racket and fumes from tour buses parked near the Hotel Imelda in Centro - and we were staying a block away. Same story when we stayed over in Colonia Zapata: the buses block the streets, foul the air and create a terrific din with their constantly-running engines. I assume the same situation exists for anyone living within earshot of the buses parked along La Boquita or in that huge parking area between the bridge at Plaza Kyoto and the Bomberos station. Aside from banning them in areas where the streets are too narrow, a properly-enforced municipal bylaw should prohibit them running their engines at all times except when they are loading or unloading passengers. I's Mexico, and applying north-of-the-border logic is an ethnocentric exercise in futility.

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