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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, June 22, 2017, 14:19 (211 days ago) @ Labrat

Is someone biting the hand that feeds? Which hand is doing the feeding? The one insisting on continuing to allow 50 buses a day to La Ropa or the one saying maybe La Ropa isn't the best place for 50 buses a day of people who bring all their foodstuffs with them. Because as a working resident I see Zihuatanejo becoming poorer as we receive poorer tourists. I see the tourists with money not wishing to be around when the massive amounts of tour buses arrive, just as they don't wish to come to town when cruise ships are in port. I see the hotels losing income and property values declining as we exchange more affluent and better educated tourists for less affluent and less educated tourists.

We were discussing the matter recently with shop owners located near the pier, where literally hundreds of tour bus passengers pass by each weekend. Their sales are down, too. They aren't seeing the benefit to their economy that all the tour agents and other opponents to the tour bus ban are claiming. Tour bus passengers try on and pose with their wares but don't buy them.

One day recently authorities actually stopped allowing people to Las Gatas because the beach and its restaurants were saturated. A recent study by university marine biologists allegedly confirmed what I already knew decades ago: the marine life at Las Gatas is all but entirely dead because so many people walk on the reef and take living creatures out of the water. Isla Ixtapa is suffering a similar fate.

So not only is the quality of life deteriorating for humans here, but also for our flora and fauna as we allow mass tourism to run rampant and out of control, even though our community was never designed to accommodate them. Ixtapa's shopping area literally looks like a war zone, with a casino in the middle of it, because there will always be slimebags who seek to profit from other people's vices. And too many of Ixtapa's chain hotels continue their all-included policies and lowering rates below what local lodging owners can charge because they can afford to lose money here to offset the taxes they pay from their profits elsewhere, same as the new movie theater complex that recently opened.

It always boggles the mind when there are two clear paths, one to prosperity and one to ruin, and we keep choosing the one to ruin.


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