Happy Birthday, Canada

by Canada1 @, Sunday, July 02, 2017, 08:10 (19 days ago) @ islandgirl

Thanks Rob. I heard the speech, didn't notice the slip, but thought it was a pretty good speech. Now we indigenous Canadians will have to hold him to his promises. Very few of his usual uummms. (Could use a Toastmaster's course for that, I've been thinking.)
As I recall, growing up in Alberta, there was a terrific hatred for Justin's father, Pierre Elliott, mostly based on him being French. It seems this hatred is generational and as soon as I realized he had left Alberta out of the speech, I knew we were in for a bunch of petty minded folks whining about that, without looking at the bigger picture.
We have a prime minister who knows how to conduct himself in public and international settings with the class and dignity befitting a world leader. He doesn't conduct character assassinations by Twitter, or spread hatred and lies. He doesn't speak about women negatively, nor sexually assault them and brag about it.
IMHO he's more of an asset than a liability, and certainly not a someone who deserves to be called nasty names. Can't you just concentrate on the good stuff, and not sweat the small stuff? Then again, maybe he left Alberta out on purpose, because of all the Trudeau haters and his past unwelcome receptions there. In that case, serves you right.

I guess your have a point, not a big deal forgetting about where the largest part of ALL provinces equalization payments come from...and which province might you think recieves the Lions share of the last years $18 billion....you may be right if you said la belle province, even the poor province of Ontario received over $1.5 Billion! Just sayin :worthy:

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