Not Good For La Ropa

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, July 06, 2017, 19:27 (591 days ago) @ PattyNJ/Zihua

I did and I still stand behind what I have written. In my years on La Ropa I witnessed more garbage for the locals the from people coming on busses. They were very respectful of the beach. The next group I would blame for leaving their garbage behind would be passengers on the many cruise ships from years past. I was there I saw it. I agree La Ropa needs to upgraded with public toilets.

I don't recall where you stay, but apparently it isn't in a luxury lodging with a dozen buses running their motors all day right outside your window.

I keep trying to stress this isn't an issue of class, it's about the busses. But it's also bad business to allow people who don't live here to profit by sending tourists to a beach where they can't afford any of the established businesses, including the public restrooms.

I seriously doubt the people you thought were locals left more garbage than the visitors who bring coolers and bags full of groceries bought before they even left home. I'll just have to respectfully disagree about that. Garbage on the beach and tourists always go together. La Ropa has never had adequate garbage cans nor pickup. No reason to expect something now they've never been able to provide before. Property owners have a valid claim to not want to see their property values deteriorate further, but with busses full of people using the bathroom outdoors and tossing their garbage in the woods, the deterioration to the ecology is inevitable, especially if they start building more parking lots to accommodate the busses and their garbage and other services bus passengers need.

La Ropa Beach has for too long been overwhelmed by the tour busses and their passengers. So is Las Gatas. So is La Isla. So is Playa Linda. The ecological damage is already visible to these places for allowing an excessive number of people to visit them at the same time.

In most any other town, beachside or inland, if I arrive by bus I usually don't expect to arrive to my final destination. I almost always have to either walk a long distance or take some other transportation to reach my final destination. La Ropa was built as a residential and small hotel area. Not as a bus depot. Why would anyone expect it to be one? Why continue allowing travel agents who don't live here to sell tours that harm our local ecology and infrastructure as well as jeopardize our own tourism industry? Makes no sense to me, but then I have to live and work here.

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