Not Good For La Ropa

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, July 07, 2017, 09:27 (683 days ago) @ Mork

I'm with you Patty.

This whole post is filled with Stakeholders. Fortunately, Mexico decided years ago that their beaches were for everyone. Hawaii did the same, and despite the giant hotels, one is still free to walk the length of Waikiki.

I once drove from Colorado to San Francisco just to show 2 friends the Pacific Ocean. Shame on those that would try to exclude citizens. Talk to the bus operators and give them a place to park. Zihua does this to some degree downtown and in La Madera.


I must keep missing the part where anyone is being denied beach access to La Ropa, as you state here and give your support to PattyNJ/Zihua for making the same comment. My reading comprehension must be seriously failing me, because not only do I not see where anyone is being denied beach access, I don't even see where this is an issue. The general public is denied access to Playas Las Cuatas and Playa Rodrigo and Playa Vistahermosa in Ixtapa, yet I hear not a peep from any of my readers. Only regarding banning tour busses to La Ropa, for which we are being accused of being racist, elitist and bourgeois.

Why would you be okay with someone making their money by sending busses of tourists to a beach where those folks can't afford any of the services? Do you not see the problem? ONE of those problems has been the arrival by the dozen of unlicensed non-tax-paying vendors who sell seafoods and drinks, some occupying beachfront land they are essentially trying to steal such as the area around La Gaviota restaurant.

I'm pretty sure beachfront hotel zones in most of the USA don't accept tour busses of low-income families to park and disembark their passengers just anywhere. There are some large public beach parks on both coasts of Florida with facilities capable of handling some busses including parking, picnic tables, grills and public bathrooms, but not an endless number of them every day. La Ropa doesn't have any of those facilities, it was never designed to receive busses, and we don't appreciate it being marketed as such a place as if it were a public beach park. It simply is not. Why is this so controversial?

Anyone who wishes to visit La Ropa Beach is welcome to as long as they abide by certain rules and standards of acceptable conduct, just like at any of our beaches. But it is inherently unfair both to the locals and to the tourists to continue allowing the mass marketing of La Ropa as a destination for low-income tourists to arrive by tour bus. I hope we can all agree on that.

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