Trip Paztzcuaro

by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Friday, July 07, 2017, 17:35 (776 days ago)

Took about six hours. Had to readjust to open road driving habits-this cuota is two lanes and it is usual to totally ignore no passing lanes and just move onto shoulder when someone wants to pass. More often than not the oncoming traffic will also move onto shoulder to allow a passing vehicle. On two occasions two vehicles passed while going past two vehicles in opposite direction. Yep, four abreast at moment of passing. On one occasion 3 abreast came at us, it was close with 4 abreast but we did it! Note the shoulders are narrow. Speed limits are non existent.

Patzcuaro was delightful for 4 days. Clean and culture unfettered by gringo influenced. Saw two other gringos on one day, 3 on another and 4 one day.

Food was not as good as I remembered and service was slow.

Rain showers every afternoon. Mid 60s days, low 50s night.

3 locals who traveled with me and had never traveled out of Zihua area were impressed with cleaniness of area and low prices in the central market of fruits, vegetables and consumer items. Overall cost of ling lower than Z area.

Absolutely beautiful countryside. Will go again in a month or so. Motels in El Centro area about 900 a night. Take warm clothes and walking shoes. Lots of churches to see as well as local street and Plaza Grande and Plaza Chica entertainment.

You will not be disappointed.

Oh, yes, don't be surprised if you run into toll booths manned by locals who have taken over and are collecting the tolls.

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