Not Good For La Ropa

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Saturday, July 08, 2017, 18:03 (740 days ago) @ Mork


Hello Mork

An excerpt from your post.....
" despite the giant hotels, one is still free to walk the length of Waikiki."

Likewise, I am free to walk the length of the beach strip in Ixtapa where the hotels are, and at la playa de La Ropa, etc., no problem whatsoever.

Should I want to arrive to one of those beaches, I do it either on foot, using local transportation such as la Urvan, Micorobus, or, a taxi.
I have no problem with that.
IF I was coming here from out of town, I would not expect a large tour / passenger transportation bus, of the size that holds 40+ passengers, to bring me to just about to the edge of the beach, OR enter an area, especially mainly residential, that for obvious reasons, is not apt for that type of vehicle.


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