¿Luis y Ilse están bien?

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, July 09, 2017, 12:56 (289 days ago) @ OlsenMN

Unfortunately one of the other band members, who is on FB as Pepe Mil Sombreros, posted yesterday:
Pepe Mil Sombreros
Yesterday at 11:26am ·
dios porque estan pasando tantas cosas feas? me levanto por la mañana con muy malas noticias, mi amigo luis sera operado porque resulto herido en la riña que hubo hace 2 dias, parece ser que si es grave, por favor tomense un minuto de su tiempo para pedir por la buena salud de mi amigo, algunos de ustedes lo conocen y saben muy bien que es una buena persona y es una persona llena de sueños, es por eso que lo comparto con ustedes, ustedes que han seguido a xpresion inmune, por favor recuerden que los buenos pensamientos atraen las cosas buenas.
God because there's so many ugly things going on? I wake up in the morning with very bad news, my friend Luis will be operated because he was injured in the fight that was 2 days ago, it seems that if it is serious, please take a minute of your time to ask for good health From my friend, some of you know him and know very well that he is a good person and is a person full of dreams, that's why I share with you, you who have followed immune, please remember that good thoughts They attract good things.

And one hour ago he posted:
Pepe Mil Sombreros
Translated from Spanish
Thank you all for your good thoughts, fortunately already all right, out of surgery, now just waiting for your recovery, thank you for your prayers.
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Thanks you. Found the post and confirmation. Damn the corruption in this state and the posturing politicians who allow it to be so!

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