No, they aren't

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, July 10, 2017, 08:41 (441 days ago) @ Elena S

I'm worried now even more about Luis and Ilse. Please let us know they are ok.
Preocupado por Luis y Ilse. Por favor, me dijo están bien.

According to this morning's papers where his family is interviewed, Luis Ángel Quintana Saucedo suffered fractures in both of his arms as well as other wounds, and he is currently recovering in a hospital. We can only wish him much strength and a speedy recovery as well as that he and his wife Ilse are rightfully and quickly liberated from this pathetic excuse for a criminal justice system for crimes they never committed.

Luis and Ilse were arrested in an apartment they rented from the mayor's nephew during an operation by state and federal police to round up armed criminals that had been followed to the building by the police. Luis and Ilse lived on a different floor in the same apartment building and were arrested on completely false charges. In Guerrero prisoners are often fabricated as a source of funding for slimebag public officials in Guerrero's injustice system as their families are extorted for everything in their attempts to liberate their loved ones. The mayor of Zihuatanejo, Lic. Gustavo García Bello, got involved to make sure protocol wasn't followed so that his nephew was quickly released and his nephew's home and apartment building were immediately returned to him, in contrast to how anyone else without influence would've been treated. But apparently the mayor couldn't be bothered to help the musician and his wife who had no firearms and who were in no way linked to the armed criminals who lived in another apartment who had been followed there by the police. We will never forget our mayor's role in this outrageous injustice! This says a lot about him including that, since he isn't from Zihuatanejo, he doesn't share local principles and he doesn't care about local people.

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