Commercial Mexicana question - paying with WF Debit Card

by mexicowanderer, Monday, July 10, 2017, 23:54 (342 days ago) @ John Redcorn

Some Trivia

Wells offers a saving's account at no charge. This gives a second card that can be used in an emergency. Two numbers.

Link card to savings account.

Transfer money online at the WF site.

If you get hacked they cannot steal what isn't there. The VISA team can be alerted by you to watch for same day attempts at over-extraction of savings account balance. They will send an email to contact them.

Use a the-bank-is-next-door ATM machine for cash extractions and it will be far less likely that you will encounter a card skimmer.

Comparison. Extraction of cash at a BanaMex or HSBC ATM versus purchasing direct with a Wells card. $500 USD. The VISA direct CM purchase will be 12.2% more costly. The $5.00 Non Wells Fargo ATM per use fee encourages larger extractions. exchange rate for MXN the peso can be adjusted very close to actual daily exchange rate. CLOSE means exactly that. There is a percentage adjustment tool on that page. Reset it to +/- 1%.

Hope this helps. I went with Wells 37 years ago.

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