I Am Talking About Your Alcalde

by mexicowanderer, Friday, July 14, 2017, 11:24 (311 days ago) @ Elena S

I damnsure know what Licenciado means. I am a documented E.E. from Stanford. I ran into this Lic BS problem in Mexico many years ago and frankly I am a little tired of dealing with phonies who suffix their name or position with Lic and hide their incompetence or abuse behind it.

It reminds me of the number of ex-Vietnam Huey door gunners, CIA operatives "on vacation" or millionaire Dot.Com miracles who choose to travel "incognito" I have suffered. The latter I can avoid with a smile. The former can hide behind a phony self-declared title and exact abuses primarily against people who fear the individual because of "Lic"

I am not saying the alcalde is a phony. What I am saying is it is possible to check his bonafides. The percentage of falsely represented licenciados I have uncovered provoked me into making this comment.

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