And Never Forget

by mexicowanderer, Friday, July 14, 2017, 15:39 (437 days ago) @ Elena S

Curing the CAUSE is a lot more effective

Than treating the symptoms

IMHO both issues are critical. The health of the victims much more so. But dealing with the CAUSE cannot be ignored.

Best fortune to them and your efforts. I have my hands and wallet over burdened with "issues of stupidity" around here. A six year old was whacked in a marked crosswalk by a drunk who pulled out of a liquor barn 100' distant. The kid looked both ways, saw no cars then according to witnesses the --- ---- roared onto Mex 200. The child has several broken bones and a severe concussion. Transported first to La Mira then transferred to Lazaro Cardenas.

He was chased by locals. Tomorrow is visit the Procuraduria Day. If he loses his shack and the shirt off his back it will be so much the better. He is now in El Bote.

CAUSE! If I have to fund 4 yards of asphalt for a tope and for two signs, then that's exactly what I am going to do.

Again prayers for your poor folks. Impunity is unforgivable. The city should be forced to reimburse donations. Fat chance,

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